20 Sep 2011

faraway fields look green

faraway fields look green
coloured pencil on watercolour paper
image:18 x 25cm

This is one of my first attempts at producing a finished art piece in coloured pencil.  The tooth of the watercolour paper gives it a soft finish since the pencil kind of skims over the surface. It`s based, like most of my art I suppose, on very personal experiences.  She`s deep in thought, apparently gazing out towards the distant house, but is it her home?  This piece is about the tug at the heartstrings I feel so often between Chile and Ireland.


  1. Jenny Doherty06:30

    Your art is superb !!
    Do you teach children classes or have an after school club ?



  2. Thanks very much for your encouraging comment. Several people have asked me about this, and I`m actually in the process of renovating an old barn into a studio-workshop/gallery, to share with my husband who`s a photographer, www.hfphotography.co.uk. But at the moment, with my youngest being only 6 months old, it`s not going to happen soon! Possibly next year. I`ll keep you posted! Judith

  3. Marcelo06:52

    Stunning !!

    Marcelo , Italy