20 Sep 2011

Patagonia, a place I love..

collage, acrylic paint, machine embroidery, and
hand embroidery on watercolour paper
28 x 28 cm approx.

This was quite a different slant for me, although I had done textile stuff at school and just a little at Art College, the year I studied there. I do like to use thread and fabric in some mixed media paintings, but this is the first textile piece ( so to speak) that I`ve finished.  After stumbling across Maggie Grey and getting some of her books on Amazon and ebay, I`ve started to keep a sketchbook for experiments with paper and fabric. By the way, the woman`s amazing! I wasn`t initially intending to do a piece based on Southern Chile, but the abstract landscape almost appeared of its own accord, and I went along with it.  It has to be one of the most beautiful places I`ve ever been to, wild, rugged, free, and the colour of the water there is truly amazing!

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