13 Jan 2012

taking over the kitchen!

the kitchen table is the place to be in our house at the moment:  homeworks, the kids drawing dinosaurs and insects, cutting out and sticking dinosaurs and insects, reading about wildlife and Steve Backshall`s Deadly 60, eating, painting, having a cuppa.  Anyone else out there who`s nearly cleaned their brush in their coffee?


  1. Nearly put my brush in my coffee? More times than I care to mention...I have also come close to drinking the water that I've been using for my paints!

    I love this pic and I like the composition too!

    C x

  2. Thanks Carol. I knew there had to be quite a few of us out there!

  3. Julie08:55

    Awwww Judith , your complete art collection is just stunning, amazing , wondeful. It really makes me dream !!

    Would you ever come to main land UK and have an exhibition ?

    All my admiration,

    Julie, England

    1. Julie, thanks so much for such encouragement... it means a lot to me and keeps me going. I would love to go over and do an exhibition but the offer hasn`t happened yet!!

  4. Sarah02:36

    I want to be an artist like you ...

  5. Thanks Sarah, I`m glad I have inspired you. Go for it, follow your dreams, you never know till you try, but don`t try to be anyone else, you have to be yourself! x Judith