6 Jan 2012



 winter landscape studies
8 x 6 inches
oils on canvas board

winter tree
10 x 12 inches
oils on canvas board

With all the rain and damp we´ve been having lately, thought I `d post some little snowy landscapes I did about a week or two before Christmas.  Everybody complained about the snow last year (well, gettting about in it was a real pain), but it beats yet another consecutive rainy day, any day!  Needless to say, we really miss Chile, still.  The weather lately definitely hasn`t helped.  Anyway, I think everyone likes a bit of snow?! 

The last one is a larger study I did from the third pochade painting (done with a litte 8 x 6 oil painting box that holds 3 wet panels inside).  Actually, I much prefer the pochade painting done on site; it`s freer and generally, for me anyway, those are the ones that work best.  Once I start fiddling...a bad idea!   The smaller ones are done entirely with a palette knife, which I love using for quick studies oudoors, while the larger one was done using both the knife and brushes.  I`ve tried to capture that special, fleeting light at dusk on winter evenings....

PS:  Happy new year! sorry for the belated wishes but time is a luxury for me these days (probably for most busy mums of 3!)

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