1 Feb 2013

This is how I feel!

don`t know about you Fred, but I`m knackered........

I found this amazing image here:  http://elliegarratt.blogspot.co.uk/ 
Don`t know if it`s their original image, but I don`t want to be infringing any copyright laws, so just to be on the safe side.......

Anyway, these two big cuddly pandas just about sum up how I feel: exhausted! But the opening night has come and gone (thank goodness!) And all in all, I`m pleased with how it went.  It was actually a great chance to meet up with friends and family that I haven`t seen for years too and if any of you are reading this, I hope you feel the same!  Thanks to all who made the effort to come, I really do appreciate it, and again, thanks to those who I remembered to mention in my little waffle of a "speech" and especially to those who didn`t manage to get mentioned because the nerves got the better of me, and with so many late nights, my brain is a bit fried at the minute!! Sorry!  

Hernán was busy being the dutiful husband making teas and coffees for all (let`s see if this new talent makes its way to our kitchen too!) so alas, no photos, but there will be a video made by my very talented brother, Richard Logan, who`s just started up his own sideline business.  He`s an architect too, but lots of us are double-jobbing these days, if that`s the right word? Anyway I will post it shortly when he has the time to edit it, etc.  PS: can you photoshop out baggy eyes on film? probably not.

And on the all-important business side of things, I managed to sell a few paintings and bag a commission, so yep, I`m a pretty happy camper.  I really hope those of you who bought my artwork will enjoy it for a long time to come.... Judith xx

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