6 Mar 2013

angelic oil painting!

almost an angel
oils and liquid gold leaf on linen canvas
45.5 x 54.5 cm

Finally I got around to finishing the piece that my not yet 2-year-old thought she should lend me a hand with. The neocolor 1 crayon marks are gone and I have now given up and given them to her since I never used them much anyway and she always made a mad dash for them every time she came into the studio with me!  Now, she`ll probably only fixate with something else on those desperate days that I let her loose amid paint and pencils..... 
I remember scribbling constantly on the wallpaper in the living room when I was little.  My mum tells me that she got so fed up with cleaning it that she actually gave me a little corner of the wall all to myself, where I could unleash my graffiti tendencies!! I can`t see me being so lenient with Annabelle, and she loves to draw! 
I really wanted to try proper gold leaf, but was too impatient to wait and order some, so I used the liquid stuff instead.  There`s always next time....


  1. I really love this picture. The colours and patterns are so delicate!

    C x

    1. Thanks Carol! I love to hear your comments and how other people perceive my work!