30 Mar 2013

in a mag again!!

Well, the snow has nearly all gone, (except for those poor people up in the hills, and especially the poor farmers who have lost a lot of sheep - apparently, an unprecedented snowfall for some parts of Northern Ireland!), the sun was shining, (even if it was blooming cold for this time of year), and we got a lovely family walk in Portstewart this afternoon to clear away the cobwebs..... but best of all, I got a lovely surprise in the post this morning! Almost an angel, one of my latest paintings, made it into the Portfolio Plus exhibition on Reflections.  This is the 2nd time in the last six months that one of my artworks has got into print in the prestigious UK magazine, Artists and Illustrators, and the 4th time to be included in one of its online exhibitions.  I would love to make it to Picture of the Month, one day!!?!..........

Also, during the week, I got a sneak preview of the album cover for up and coming singer, Nathan Jess` Love stands Forever album, which I did the artwork for, and if I say so myself, I think it turned out great! But I can`t show it yet, until its release in May. 

And family wise, my little baby turned 2 on Thursday.....Can`t believe it! Saying loads of words in English and Spanish and far too independent and advanced for her age and her own good! Must be because she`s a girl!? and also she learns from her big, bad brothers, I suppose. I thought I`d have the cousins over and make homemade pizzas.  (These things always seem like a good idea at the time......) 
Anyway, the kids seemed to enjoy themsleves, and I just proved that children in 2013 actually do enjoy pass the parcel and other good, old-fashioned "vintage" games, probably as much, if not more than their DS, their Ipad, Kindle or whatever else they shouldn`t have unless they can pay for it themselves! Give them a pile of blown up balloons, and a big cardboard box, and watch them have fun, and your bank balance will thank you for it as much as they will.


  1. Alice16:49

    I love and follow your art, is amazing !!