18 Dec 2013

An Anthology of Honest Motherhood now published!!!

Finally, I can spill the beans and show you my illustration which has been published in Australian writer, Kasia James` book The milk of female kindness -An anthology of honest motherhood, now available on Amazon and Createspace.  I so want to wait till I get my copy of the book, hopefully in a couple of weeks`time, but with the Christmas post and patience not being one of my greater virtues, here`s my contribution:

madre hay una sola
pen and ink on paper

I opted for a Spanish title because this is a very well known expression in Chile at least, and for me it embodied perfectly what I wanted to say. It is very difficult to translate it to English with the same effect, but roughly it means there is only one mother.  This is based entirely on my own three children, so it would be from the heart, although I certainly don`t look so calm (perhaps as tired and melancholic?) when I`m in the supermarket with the three of them!!
The original is not for sale but if there is enough interest, I will certainly produce some prints, perhaps even a limited edition, as it would make a very nice Mother`s Day gift, for example.

Here`s a link to the book. Please do buy a copy, it is full of short stories, essays, poetry..... from a wide range of women from all around the globe, and I for one, can`t wait to delve in when I get a copy.  You might even get one still in time for Christmas!

Below, is a picture of the front cover and editor and fellow-contributor, Kasia James.


  1. I love this illustration!
    Jess x

  2. Beautiful illustration, Judith. I'm looking forward to seeing the anthology too! SD

  3. what beautiful artwork you make. Just started following you.