5 May 2014

On yer bike!

The famous Giro d`Italia is heading this way, this week. I don`t really know why they are doing the race in N. Ireland, or whether it`s just a "stage" as they call them in the Tour de France? Any cycling enthusiasts out there, please inform me! Anyway, this is my contribution to a special themed exhibition that Gallery 1608, Bushmills, are having in honour of the famous Italian race, which will pass their door!  OK, so I opted to bypass the pink bike, (somewhat subdued blues and greens seem to be my subconscious preferred palette these days, but in reality, a bright pink bicycle might be harder to fit in with most people`s interior decor?)

Admittedly, she doesn`t look like she would win the race, but hopefully she looks like she has a destination in mind anyway, while enjoying the wind in her face. And as for a goose: why not? I love them. Sketch them at every opportunity. 

Bright and breezy.

I am pondering on the title.  A few ideas mulling around in my crazy head, but wouldn`t mind some ideas from others.  Any suggestions folks?

title: still to be decided
acrylics and graphite pencil on canvas
69.5 x 49.5 cms


  1. I think bright pink would match my interior decor but then so would most colours! ;) This is gorgeous:) How about 'Gertrude hitches a Ride' ? (sorry!) :)
    Jess x

  2. I have painted some bright, even according to others, mad, colour schemes before, so sorry if I offended you Jess! I too love bright, I think maybe it depends on my mood, but if I look at my work, quite a lot seem to have a subdued blue/grey/green mixed with earth colours palette. It just happens most of the time! Maybe, I will do a pink one next time, just for you;)