13 Nov 2014

Afternoon tea, anyone?

I am one of those people who love the fact that vintage china tea cups are back in vogue, (even if my fingers are generally too big and clumsy to hold the handle properly, the way you are supposed to!)
So, I had been mulling a few ideas over in my head about a painting based around our revered tea-drinking culture.  And this is what I came up with.

Ladies Who Lunch
Derwent Drawing Pencils on black pastel paper
Image: 42 x 29 cms 

I did this smaller piece in coloured pencil, primarily as a trial of composition before I committed myself to doing a big oil, but I like it as an artwork in its own right, and it`s no secret that I am a big fan of Derwent`s Drawing pencil range. The palette, while limited to only 24 colours, is gorgeous, and who can resist those creamy pencil leads?  
For the oil, I made a few changes to the colours and patterns, etc, but essentially it`s the same, oh and I added visible seats!! (In case you`re wondering, the ladies above are sitting on a bench ;)

 High Tea
oils on canvas
With frame: 42 x 32 inches

 I seem to have a bit of a thing for turquoise blues, greens and coppers....I do paint with other beautiful colours, you know, but this seems to be my favourite palette............ 

Anyway,  this is currently hanging in one of Northern Ireland`s plushest hotels: Galgorm Manor Resort and Spa, in their River Room, where it just so happens they serve very fancy high teas.  Actually, my sister and I are taking our mum and aunts there for her birthday in December.  If you fancy giving that someone special, a special treat, it`s a really lovely gift, (and if you fancy buying my painting, even better!!)

Please get in touch with Charles Gilmore Gallery, Belfast, 0044 (0) 28 9031 1666 if you are interested.  As Mrs. Doyle would say, "Agh, go on, go on!  you will, you will, you will..............." (You have to know who Father Ted is to get this, and if you don`t, look it up and watch an episode, and give yourself a laugh).  By the way, Mrs Doyle likes her tea, "just so!"


  1. I love this painting Judith. The colours are beautiful.

  2. I love both versions but am amazed at the one in coloured pencil. I have not mastered getting a result from coloured pencils that I am satisfied with but you have inspired me to keep trying. It is interesting that you used black pastel paper the effect is wonderful.

  3. I :) at the end of your post, I love father Ted..... some episodes I can recite word perfectly ( sad but true!) Your lady's who lunch is exquisite. I too have an unreasonable love of old china. Last year on a visit to Liverpool I was over the moon to visit a restaurant that served an afternoon tea selection with a vodka punch served in a china teapot with beautiful little cups and saucers, not sure Mrs Doyle would approve! :)