7 Oct 2016

#folksyfriday When Copper Met Turquoise official blog

Oops -  didn`t manage to get a #folksyfriday post written last week, but I`m glad to announce that today I`ve gone one better and written the official one over on Folksy`s own blog page! So, I`m feeling a little bit chuffed. (love that word, the sound of it, the onomatopoeic quality of it - now there`s a big word harking back to my A-Level English Lit days. I digress..)

Anyone who knows a bit about my artwork will see I have a thing about turquoise, and when you pair it with some coppery tones, for me, it`s a match made in heaven.

Here`s the link to the blogpost, and I hope you enjoy :)


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for featuring my pig, it's nice he's been appreciated! When I was first taught silversmithing, you're given copper to practice with as standard, but most people want to jump to the silver straightaway. I never left it behind and mix it a lot with silver and with brass too, I love the contrast.