24 Oct 2018

Ulster Society of Women Artists, 2018 annual show

Apologies for missing last week, but to be fair it was pretty hectic, and two big exhibition opening nights thrown in. Tomorrow I'll be up at the Crescent Arts Centre helping to man the USWA show, so I'm writing this now, since I won't have time tomorrow morning.

This marks my 3rd year exhibiting as an associate member of The Ulster Society of Women Artists, with the annual show again being held in the lovely Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast's university area, with The Pantry cafe on the ground floor.  I should have posted this earlier as this show finishes this Saturday 27th October at 4.30pm, oops! So get your skates on!  Admission is free, but if you'd like a catalogue they are only £1. Plus, one of my pieces is on the front cover!! Pretty chuffed they chose it for the publicity this year, even though there was a slight spelling glitch. It's called "My Chains Are Broken" not "my chairs"!! Although according to my dad, it might as well be chairs for all he knows! Yes, well never mind, always a talking point.....

 Yours truly standing alongside "My Chains Are Broken".

And above, I'm beside "Woman In A Red Poloneck." Rather more straightforward as far as titles go! I made these pieces together, when I was rather obsessed a year and a half ago with Indian ink. They are very much mixed media pieces, with free machine embroidery on paper, which always scares the life out of me, but I need to experiment and see what happens. I love the textural effect, the added dimension that it gives. In "My Chairs are Broken," I even used an old antique Singer sewing machine I picked up at a wee shop in Greyabbey. I had to go on YouTube to figure out how it worked and clean it up a bit, but even though it only sews in straight lines, it still works perfectly. They don't make things like they used to. I sound like my mum, but it's true!

Below are a few pics of the opening night and some of my fellow artists admiring the work on display.

 Artist Sorrel Wills doing an amazing job giving her first public speech as President of the Society.

A lovely little pen and wash by our founder Gladys Maccabe who passed away last year at the age of 99.

 Our banner outside The Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast.

So if you are in Belfast do pop in and have a look.  I was going to write about the Royal Ulster Academy's annual show too, (and my joy at finding my wee accepted coloured pencil piece had sold on the opening night!!) But it's getting late so I think I 'll leave that till next week.  

Goodnight folks! zzzzz

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