20 Sep 2011

more pochades!

the sheep are back
oils on canvas board
8 x 6 inches pochade painting

the blue roof
oils on canvas board
8 x 6 inches pochade painting


  1. Richard Coles14:44

    I love these oil sets, they are by far my fav. of your art work.
    Great use of colour.

    Richard Coles

    Monaco Art Centre Director

  2. Ruth14:49

    I also agree , your oil work is stunning and also my favourite.

    Ruth ,

    London , England

  3. Vincent Stak15:05

    I also agree. I can see the passion in every stroke on your oil work. Congratulations.

    Vincent Stak


  4. Antonia Buzzie15:07

    Loving your oils.

    Antonia Buzzie

  5. Thanks very much everybody! I am trying to paint more of these but it`s hard to find the time to balance them in with what the gallery (where some of my work now is), asks me to do. Unfortunately, (and fortunately!),there is a commercial side to art too, - we all have bills to pay!! I hope one day I can really get the time to paint more this way also, and learn and improve....