20 Sep 2011

pochade paintings

across the fields
oils on canvas board
8 x 6 inches pochade painting

I decided to post some of my studies in oils done from life using a small  8 x 6 pochade box.  I like to keep these fairly "fresh" if that`s the right word, since they are generally done quite quickly:  the weather in Ireland is notoriously fickle! I`m relatively new to plein air painting, so I`ve only started to explore all the different brushmarks, and quite often I like to use palette knifes.  This one, like some others has been painted on top of an older painting that I didn`t like or didn`t think would be useful as reference for other work, so that adds to the impasto effect, which often seems to subconsciously manifest itself whenever I paint from life in oils  I`m trying to paint more often with this box since it`s so portable, you can keep it in the car, etc.  and it`s really like a sketchbook, only with paint!


  1. Richard Coles15:06

    Another great oil.

    Richard Coles

  2. Sarah Wesler15:10

    Reading previews post , I also love the idea of having classes for my children or after school club.

    Unfortunately I live in Wales , but will look for something similar here.

    Do you do this ?

    Sarah Wesler

  3. Steven15:14

    I also agree. As an art critic & curator, I believe your oil work brings out the best in you.

    Steven Maxel