4 Oct 2011

sheep studies in oils

sheep studies
oils on canvas boards
8 x 6 inches
pochade paintings

Yet more sheep! I try to do some drawings in my sketchbook and some quick oil studies of them whenever the farmer has them in the field beside us, so I can have a stock of reference work since I love sheep and they seem to feature in a lot of my paintings.  These wee studies are so useful for putting sheep into my semi-abstract pieces, since they are obviously done in the studio, (or at least, indoors!) but if they work as a piece in their own right, great, if not, not.  I`m trying not to be too precious about them and treat them mainly as a visual aid and a way of recording information and jogging my memory.  I think the art of pochade painting seems to be making a comeback and in my book, that can only be  positive.  Since the boards are so small, I`ve taken to signing J. L- Farías, but I think even that looks too much!?  All my work finished in Chile is signed J. Logan, since I never changed my name there, no woman does (hoorah!), and on coming back home I had no idea what to call myself, since Mrs. Logan sounds like my husband`s a Logan, and Mrs. Farías was like getting married all over again nine years later!  Dilemma! so, the double-barrelled ensued and I`m not 100% sure about it, but......  don`t even know why I`m mentioning this, perhaps just in case the signing was confusing any of you, if anyone has actually bothered to read this waffle!

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