4 Oct 2011

more pochade paintings..

 old barn, Eglish road

flying crows
oils on canvas board
 8 x 6 inches
pochade paintings

Here are a few oil sketches done pretty quickly, of some views from my home.   These are less impasto, with no palette knife, concentrating on working on my brushstrokes. (Still a lot of work to do, but practice, practice, practice!)  I hope to prepare some offcuts of plywood, etc. (left over from fixing the studio space), in different formats and take out the sketchbox easel so that I`m not always confined to doing 8 x 6s.  Although a workable, handy size, I think sometimes you really need to work on not so standard sizes and get different angles that wouldn`t work so well in this  format.  I remember Tom Coates said that, in his DVD Painting with Oils (APV films).  They have some excellent tuition DVDs.  I have learned so much from them and watch them over and over just for the pleasure of watching a great artist at work! They are very expensive, but I consider them an investment and if you`re lucky, you can get a cheaper one on ebay!  Tom Coates, Richard Pikesley and Jane Corsellis are amazing painters.  I highly recommend their films.

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  1. Stunning Judith.
    Love your work !!

    Eve Watson