3 Dec 2011

More cows!

dandelion cow

pen and ink drawing on hot pressed watercolour paper
12 x 9 inches

goosey goosey gander

pen and ink drawing on hot pressed watercolour paper
12 x 9 inches

(The measurements given exclude mount and frame;framed,they are roughly A3 size.)

This is quite a "tight" style combined with an unforgiving medium, and although I`m very pleased with the end result, getting there isn`t always as easy as people think! (It especially hurts my eyes!) But there`s something about the presence of black and white.....at least for me, anyway...

Between nappies, runny noses, a bored pet, running after workmen (not in the romantic sense of the word, of course!), school fair, school Christmas concerts and the general hullaballoo of family life, I am still working on other pieces (mainly watercolours and coloured pencils, but I`m not happy with the composition in 1, and will probably do it again.)  Lesson learnt:  make sure you`re 100% happy with the composition at the beginning! (although a lot of my work tends to evolve as I`m doing it, even if I thought I had it all worked out beforehand!)  I`m also planning to do some painted "versions" of these, so hopefully that will be interesting.  It will certainly keep me busy!


  1. Antonella03:09

    Wow , wow , wow .... Your art beautiful.
    Your interview in radio was brilliant.
    Your work makes me dream.

    Antonella, Italy ( but live in Belfast )

  2. Sarah03:14

    Judith your art travels deep into my heart.
    You are unique, amazing, inspiring.

    After I heard you on the radio I got to your blog ( which is amazing ) and will follow your work here, hope one day I can buy one.


  3. Thank you so much girls for such encouraging comments! Art is a journey, and I have so much to do and learn yet....