1 Dec 2011

Successful first open night at Johnstreet Gallery!

My first press release!! even if it is only The Ballymena Times, haha!   Only open a couple of weeks and already some sales so I`m pretty happy! Below is a picture of Johnstreet Gallery owner Roy McKeown with his wife and daughter. Thanks to him I  also got some coverage on BBC Radio Ulster`s Arts Extra on Tuesday night (the 29th Nov.) with Marie- Louise Muir; she`s lovely, nice to finally put a face to the voice.  I think it went quite well, even if I did start waffling on about my surname again, (very embarrassing!)  and they even spelt it wrong in the paper, but clever husband was able to fix it here!  I told one man at the open night that I had lived in Chile, and he said "What? Tully?"   Worlds apart!! Kind of  funny though!


  1. Brian Brown08:49

    I heard you on the radio. Your work is stunning.
    Would you teach classes to children and adults ?


  2. Thanks very much Brian. At the moment, I really don`t have time to offer classes, since I struggle to keep up painting and drawing with my 3 small children -the youngest is 8 months old. But when my open studio is up and running, hopefully at the start of the new year, classes are a possibility, but not just yet. I`ll advertise any that I offer here on my blog, so please pop by again! thanks again!