21 Feb 2012

a sketch a day

With a sick husband, the boys off school for a whole week for midterm, a teething baby and getting organised for our trip to Chile!! (yippee!! can`t wait! can`t believe it`ll be 3 whole years since we were last there!), and getting our stove in the studio "fixed"(gallery part, still not finished, much to my frustration), little wonder I haven`t got round to blogging lately.  Since any work I have finished in the last couple of weeks hasn`t been photographed lately (I leave that to my husband, since that`s his field), I decided to post a few sketches anyhow.  I try to do a sketch a day, sometimes even more if I`m lucky, but let`s face it, if you have kids, you`ll understand the detours your plans can take!  

 As you can see from the pics, I generally have 2 or 3 sketchbooks on the go at the same time:  different sizes, formats, paper, even a black one which is great for softish coloured pencil or pastel sketches. (I`m also keeping a fabric/textile experiments book, though I haven`t worked in that one for a while now. ) I work in  a wide variety of media, including pencil, ink pens, a sharpened stick dipped in a bottle of ink, watercolour, etc. depending on what I want to capture or maybe just what I have to hand at the time.
Sometimes my Dad says, "you should spend less time on those books and more painting on canvas", or "pity that you can`t tear that out and frame it"...well I could, I suppose, but my sketchbooks are very precious to me, like a dear diary.  

 Often, they serve as ideas and reference for paintings, but always they are for practice, drawing or experimenting for the sake of it, learning to really see things that others might only look at, or that I only looked at before.....

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