13 Mar 2012

one before I head off

 woman in tears
tinted charcoal pencil on pastel paper
16 x 24 cm

Finally, a new post!  I haven`t gotten round to photographing all the stuff I`ve been doing lately, mainly because I`ve been trying to get everything ready for going to Chile.  Can`t believe we`ll be in Santiago in 4 days time!! It`s been 3 years!!! And it`s as much my home as N. Ireland to me, so I`m starting to get really excited.  It`s only hitting me now, since I never get a moment with the 3 kids.  Off to the doc. tomorrow am with 2 of them.  Nothing serious, but travelling long distances with kids is no small thing, so just to be on the safe side....  On your own, it`s a doddle, but with small children......  I don`t think there`s actually going to be any room for anything for me in my hand luggage, what with nappies, hankies, wipes, a change of clothes for everyone, just in case!! (not Hernán though!) etc, etc.  But it`s an adventure!  Roll on!

I`ve been doing more stuff concentrating on figures lately and toying around with a few ideas.  My workbook is full of ideas for new paintings, so hopefully I`ll get to put these into practice when I come back!!  

Will also post some monoprints I`ve been doing. (I`d forgotten how fun and interesting they can be, since you really never know what the final effect is going to be.)  Really enjoyed those and think it`s something I want to do a lot more of alongside my painting.

Anyway, !Nos vemos pronto!  !Viva Chile!


  1. Anonymous17:43

    Judith querida,
    Efectivamente estás de nuevo en Chile!!! y hoy en mi oficina pude verte después de tantos años...ver a Hernán y los chiquititos fue una muy grata sorpresa y feliz, muy feliz de volver a verlos.
    Ahora estando en casa, he podido ver con más calma tu blog, y uf! te felicito tienes unas pinturas maravillosas.
    Mucha suerte para ti, y muchas felicidades a los dos por la linda familia que tienen... y nos veremos pronto, para brindar con un buen vino chileno!!
    Un abrazo,

    1. Gracias Roxi!! fue tan rico verte y a todos los "viejos" (haha) amigos del Británico, tantos recuerdos, ¿no? Con hartas ganas de vernos de nuevo y ponernos al día con ese vinito. Un abrazo muy fuerte, la gringuita loca de siempre, Judith x