13 Mar 2012

¡Vuelvo amor vuelvo!

mapocho colorido
1.60 x 80 cm
oils on canvas

This was my first post.......but I just wanted to post it again since I `ll be here in a couple of days time, and the sky should be just as blue in real life!  (the river might not be! but I love it all the same.)   

This is not for sale, but a lot of people have asked me about buying it, both here and in Chile, so will do some more paintings inspired by this one.  I`m taking an arsenal of sketching stuff, a box of watercolours and a pile of paper to hopefully help me when I`m back in my new studio in  Ireland.  I will try to fit in some artwork around keeping an eye on the niños, catching up with friends and family, and eating lots of ensalada chilena, and empanadas!! and the fruit!  Can`t wait!  Just hope the smog`s not too bad in Santiago and that there aren`t too many tremors (after 3 years, you get out of practice!) and ZERO earthquakes!  Bye for now, the Andes are calling!  ¡nos vemos!

Found this video on youtube showing pictures of my Chile lindo, with music by one of my favourite "ethnic" bands, Illapu!  Enjoy! 

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