17 May 2012

fleeting blossoms.........

I just had to spend a day or two painting the cherry blossoms in our garden, before the wind blew them all off, and anyway, they don`t last very long.... Actually, I thought they`d have all bloomed and gone before we got back from Chile.  I think I got a bit messed up with the fact that it`s now Autumn over there.  Anyway, these were all painted outdoors about a week or so ago, when I knew that the sun still existed!! I love painting plein air since I tend to just go for it and not fuss so much.  I think these are the best studies of the ones I did, since I started to fiddle with one in the studio (will I ever learn?) and now I don`t like it so much, but hope it can be rescued, if not I can always paint on top of it.......

 blossom study I
 28.5 x 37 cm

blssom study II 
30 x 41 cm

 blossom study III
27 x 38cm

 various studies in watercolour (some with a little white gouache) on various textured watercolour papers
(All measurements are approximate since they are deckled edges and are unmounted.  I will change these once I get them mounted, framed and ready to hang)

 pink blossoms
oils on clear-primed linen canvas
27 x 45.5cm


cherry blossom tree
 monotype on A3 cartridge paper using watercolours

I haven`t done this kind of printmaking since art college, but I really want to do more.  I love the uncertain, risky side to making monotypes, since you really never know how it`s going to turn out in the end.  I printed on a perspex plate which I sanded to help the paint to adhere better and this is the reverse image I got as a print.  I did another print using what paint was left on the plate, called a ghost print, and think I actually like that more, although it came out even paler in the photo below. 

There`s a Canadian artist called Flora Doehler, who has a lot of really good videos on youtube about printing  which I find really inspirational, and I`ve posted one below.  Hope you enjoy and learn as much as I did!


  1. Anonymous09:43

    Das ist wunderbar.

  2. Anonymous09:47

    J'aime votre travail et le blog.