17 May 2012

Printing with styrofoam

Since I have been exploring my interest in printmaking again, especially monotypes and drypoint, mainly because they don`t require so much expensive equipment, etc, I bought some cheap styrofoam, kind of like thin polystyrene, to try out some ideas and compositions.  This is used a lot in schools, since it`s cheap and easy to make marks on, but also by professional artists and craftspeople for its versatility.  Because it`s cheap, you tend not to panic about messing up and wasting expensive materials, so it`s great for experimenting on.   What I love  about it is that you can cut it easily so you don`t have to always print the typical rectangle format.  The downside, for me anyway, is that it`s hard to draw on properly with a pen or pencil or stylus, etc. and sometimes the lines come out as sort of "staggered", for want of a better word, although that could be an advantage depending on what you`re doing.......

like a fish out of water
artist`s proof
relief print on A4 cartridge paper


  1. Laurena09:36

    This is so beautiful, Judith you are an amazing artist and a real inspiration to me !!



  2. Jean09:39

    Magnifique ....


  3. Anonymous09:45

    Sei un grande artista, hai una bella famiglia.


  4. Anonymous11:52

    Beautiful. Great results with very simple tools. Well done!