5 Jul 2012

more fishy stuff and the odd cow!

 Finally, a new post! this is a bad habit, leaving ages between posts, I just don`t seem to have time for anything these days... if you have kids home from school, you`ll know exactly what I mean.  My 15 month-old, who acts more like a 2 year old already, is the loudest out of the 3 and is turning out to be a real little tomboy.....she knows how to get exactly what she wants too - maybe because she`s the last, and I have less patience now, or as Hern√°n says, maybe because she`s a woman, and they`re all manipulators!!!Talking of strong female characters, here are some more monotypes I`ve done focusing on just that.

like a fish out of water  I
monotype on paper

Editing added September 2012:
The above piece has been featured in Artists and Illustrators magazine October 2012 issue, in the Portfolio Plus Printmaking Exhibtion as well as on the online version.

 like a fish out of water  II
 monotype on paper

 the milkmaid
monotype on paper

PS: I`ve just sent these off to get framed along with a lot of other stuff, since I finally got the rails up in what will soon be my own studio-come-gallery!! Hoorah!! Hopefully, it will be open in August,  with a proper "opening" sometime in September, when people are back from holidays, etc.  I will post the measurements including framing, when I get them back from the framer´s, but the actual print size (not the paper) is roughly A3, just to give you an idea.....  In the meantime, I`m doing a rather panoramic version of the above, or more like inpsired in it, in oils on board, and should have that finished and photographed soon.  I actually really like it and think it has quite an Irish air about it.  (Am going to do some pieces like this based on a  Chilean landscape too....)

Off to put the "wee`uns" (spell?) to bed....hope Annabelle sleeps better than she did last night!! As we say in this part of the world, " I`m so tired I could sleep on a clothes line!"

(can`t be that comfortable, and please don`t try it at home!)

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