24 May 2012

night night, sleep tight

Here`s the latest piece I`ve been working on, now in Johnstreet Gallery.  I painted this on top of a beach scene which just wasn`t going to plan, although I may try to do it again as I liked the family group I had in it, but the rest not.  So I decided to let the beach colour scheme come through in the final painting, and rubbed back lots of layers to try to create a more subtle background, since I wanted the sofa to have centre stage, so to speak.  Hopefully, the viewer will experience a sense of calm and peace with this one.............

There are several "hidden" objects, or at least you have to really look to find them.  I like people to be able to discover something new when they look at my paintings for a second or a third time.

 a place to lay your head
acrylics and fabric collage on canvas
44 x 34 inches including frame

Speaking of somewhere to lay your head, I`m off to do just that!  I`ve had a hectic past few days and very little sleep, trying to juggle everything.  Time for some shuteye.  If the bedbugs bite, you know what to do......

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