3 Aug 2012

nearly there!

Finally, Hernán has taken some photos of my studio space and hopeful studio/gallery.  There`s still work to be done... a lot more lights to put up, advertising, fliers, business cards, price tags to write, a door sign, a sofa and coffee table/desk, etc. although Hernán has a desk in his adjoining photography studio, which I`ll probably post photos of here too some day.  Perhaps, I will have to dryline (or however you say it) the hanging wall space eventually, since the walls are possibly still a bit of an issue.  Wish I had been better instructed at the outset, but anyway... for the moment, it seems OK, and at least my paintings aren`t touching the wall with the hanging rail system that we`ve put in place so the air can circulate around them.  Now I`m panicking if I`ll get enough people out to buy them what with this recession (bad word these days!), but I have to try!!  My idea is to have specific opening days/nights and other viewing arranged by appointment, since I obviously need the time to paint as well (not to mention the couple of Spanish classes that I`ll be starting again in September and helping out with my husband`s new after-school Spanish club a few days a week).  We both love our art, but we are also  linguists and trained, experienced language teachers, and we love teaching too, plus times are tough, so you have to do what you have to do. 

can`t see a thing without my specs now!
(still have to put up more lights!)

 we made a 2nd floor for me to work in with the hanging space down below.
The door at the end leads into Hernán`s photography studio.

I am slightly overwhelmed by everything, being a fulltime mother of 3 young children as well, but childcare isn`t an option at the mo and when they`re all at school things should be a bit easier in that respect.  The old barn came with the house and we can only try to make it work, it really has so much potential...it looks amazing compared to a few years ago.  While there are many days that we get a bit down and homesick for Chile, we`re doing our best to make this venture work, and that`s all we can do.  Please, wish us luck! But in the end, I don`t believe in luck anyway: God knows what He`s doing, even if I don`t.  So, I`ll do my bit and try to leave the rest to Him.

These are those completely obvious fake poses! Where is the messy palette and the pile of kitchen roll and brushes?  Well, I`ve been working on the long panoramic picture for a bit, but had to tidy everything up since we went to the beach for a week before I got it finished, so hence the absent palette here.  It will rear its beautiful head tomorrow, I hope! Plus, I`ve also been upcycling (actually, I hate that word) a lot of old pieces of furniture.  Must post a picture of the wardrobe and chair I did for Annabelle`s room.  Anyway, I digress - the rest of the space does need some organising though, like a planchest, a big table with storage space underneath, oh and I`d love a printing press, one day!! Does anyone know of anywhere near Ballymena where you can rent a press?  The only place I can find is in Bangor? and it`s a little far away.

some of nature`s inspiration brought inside
(the eucalyptus reminds us of the coast in Chile, especially the smell)

and for those chilly autumn days (or nearly all year round, if you live this north of the equator) a cosy stove.  I love all things vintage, always have done long before they called them vintage or shabby chic or whatever.  After painting this little stool, which was supposed to be for sale also, i decided I liked it so much, I want to keep it. And, it goes with my kettle...

PS: for those of you in the area, I`ll let you know about the Spanish club, planned to start mid to end of September if you`re interested, pretty much along with the school term time.  There will be music, dancing, crafts, etc. and lots of fun for the kiddies while they learn a new "idioma"!  And when Annabelle is a bit bigger I plan to do a few art classes too.  But all in due time; at the moment I think I`ve already bitten off more than I can chew!  (I`m as bad at puns as Hugh Fearnsley Whittingstall, but I still love River Cottage).

If you`ve got to the end of this rigmarole,  you deserve a medal.  Go watch the Olympics instead.
Judith x

PPS: I now have a webpage-of-sorts on The Artists and Illustrators Portfolio page.  I`ll post the link here in the sidebar.  I have some of my paintings posted with prices included. Sleep tight (all you crazy people still burning the midnight oil). Get some sleep!


  1. Roberto12:53

    I love your blog , amazing art

    You are so beautiful too ..

    Roberto from Italy

  2. Julie12:55

    Your studio is my dream.


  3. What an amazing space! I am officially green with envy :-)

    C x

    1. Yep, it is an amazing space, a bit overwhelming, and more so because I kind of feel that I don`t deserve it, what if it doesn`t work out? I can always do a B&B then?! Roberto, you`ve made my day! I feel anything but beautiful these days... Judith x

  4. Amazing space Judith! Wish mine was as tidy, I have just too much stuff! That painting you are doing is lovely. Jane x