16 Aug 2012

a new watercolour

taming the stag
watercolour on khadi paper
(will post measurements later: off to take the kids to the park before we have another opening of the heavens!)

This piece has been done on deckle-edged khadi paper, which has a lovely texture.  My husband, (the phototgrapher, and he has to pay his keep, so I get him to take all my photos), has cropped the edges slightly here, but I think it looks nicer with the rough edges, and will maybe post another picture later to show you.  I`m dithering as whether or not to put the mount over the edges or tape this on top of the mount?! any suggestions, please?  I`ve done both in the past, and both ways turned out fine, but I do love deckled edges......the more rustic, the better.


  1. I like both ways but would say go with your gut. If you prefer it with the rough edges then mount it that way :-)

    Gorgeous painting as usual!

    C x

  2. Julie04:28

    I love your work Judith , your oil work is amazing.

    I also think your monotypes on paper are brill, but you will def. have problems selling those in small narrow minded N.Ireland

    Unfortunately, in this country of ours if it's not a sheep, a cow, farming oils or some sort of Irish landscape is very difficult to sell.

    Keep your good work


  3. Rachael05:47

    I agree with Julie, your art is wonderful !!

  4. thanks everyone for such constructive, helpful comments! It`s appreciated