18 Sep 2012

¡Feliz 18 chilenos!

you can find this image here:
se puede encontrar esta imagen aquí: 

On the day that Chileans celebrate their independance from Spain, (no offense intended if any Spaniards are reading this), my family and I are feeling a little homesick, and in need of a visit to a  fonda (bascially a big marquee of a place where people stuff themselves with all kinds of scrumptious national dishes, drink chicha (fermented grape juice, well that`s a concise description) and dance cueca, the national dance, until the wee small hours of the morning.  

               you can find this image here:                
se puede encontrar esta imagen aquí:


yum, yum, wish I could say I`d made these, but my good intentions have flown out the window and been washed away by the relentless Irish rain!  I cannot find a name to put to the image, but the blog address is posted below it.  

I have made NO, I repeat NO Chilean empanadas this year to date, and hopefully will remedy the situation very shortly.  (Children do no forget promises very swiftly, nor Chilean husbands either.)  Alas, I cannot buy the ready made pastry here as I did in Santiago, but as time is of the essence, I'll give Sainsbury`s own brand a go, rather than try to make my own.....doubtful if they turn out anywhere near as delicious as these......

Chile, te extrañamos, tenemos penita..... ¡Abuela, guárdanos una empanadita, sólo una!
(loosely translates; Chile, we miss you..... Gran, leave us one empanada, just one!)

Judith x

oh, and this is how you dance cueca:
 (in Spanish only)

 and this is how not to, poor Sebastián Piñera, he`s almost as good as Hernán!

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