13 Sep 2012

in the press!

 mine`s the woman with a fish stuck on top of her head to the right!

Granted, it`s not a major feature and didn`t win Picture of the Month, but it is a major magazine, Artists and Illustrators no less!  I am pretty chuffed to have one of my monotypes selected for their monthly selection of readers and portfolio plus account holders exhibition (a kind of web page service that they provide for a very reasonable fee).  This month`s theme is Printmaking.  This magazine has a huge following, mainly in the UK but also abroad, so small picture though it may be, it`s something!! 

The artwork in question is one from my series of rather melancholic women: to me, they`re more interesting than the ones who are always happy, or at least pretend to be.  This one feels Like a Fish out of Water 1 and can be seen in one of my earlier posts in this blog as well as in my Artists and Illustrators Portfolio web page by clicking on the link in the links bar to the right.

I promise to still post the review on pochade boxes, but this came in the post today, so please forgive me for showing off!!  Judith x


  1. Congratulations !!

    I always follow your blog from sunny Italy


  2. Jenny14:23

    That is one amazing magazine , congratulations !

  3. Stefano14:26

    Great art, you must be the one artist I really follow and love, I love everything about your work , the texture , color , ideas , shapes , ALL .

    Stefano, Germany

  4. Sylvia14:28

    You should be in big galleries in London and all over the UK. Excellent and congratulations.


  5. Luke14:33

    Would you ever come to show your work in Dublin ?
    I sure many people would be delighted to see your work here.

  6. Wow guys! Thank you so much for your really encouraging comments!
    I am hoping to try some galleries in Belfast soon and I'd love to try Dublin. I've been SO busy lately trying to juggle so many things that I just haven't got around to it. I really hope that getting into this magazine, in however small a way, will help to give me the springboard that I need. The art market is so frivolous and snobby and I'm terrified of rejection, but on the other hand, I've got more thick-skinned over the years. lLife has taught me that it's too short to not follow your dreams. If it doesn't work out as you plan, at least you know, you tried.... Thanks again everybody! Judith x