6 Nov 2012

the black sheep series

market day finally arrived
22 x 26 cm
pen and ink on smooth watercolour paper

A good while back,  I decided to call my studio/gallery space The Black Sheep Gallery. 

1.  I`ve always felt like a bit of a black sheep myself in some respects.
2. I've always loved sheep.
3. Did you know that many breeds can`t get up again on their own once they fall over on their back?
 As someone who believes in God, I`ve always thought it so apt that the Bible likens people to sheep and God to a shepherd! Growing up in the country, the fields around my house were generally always filled with cattle or sheep and I`ve actually rescued a few! This one time, a fallen ewe had obviously been trying to get herself back up for hours and the crows were even trying to peck at her eyes!  When I did manage to get her up, she rolled over again, so I pushed her again, and the second time round she managed to steady herself, and 2 little lambs came running over..... I felt so good that I had not only saved a mother but 2 little ones as well! But on a couple of occasions, I wasn`t so lucky....
3. The farmer who owns the fields adjacent to our house often grazes them here, and there are always some black ones in there, and I love to sketch them when I can.
4. I just like the name!

they had never seen a sheepdog like that before
23 x 25.5 cm
pen and ink on smooth watercolour paper

 the lost sheep has been found
30.5 x 20.5 cm 
pen and ink on smooth watercolour paper

All of the above measurements are exclusive of mount and frame.  These will be mounted with an off-white/pale cream mount and finished with a simple black frame.

 This is the start of a series of drawings/paintings/prints and mixed media based on the theme.  One of these will be used as part of my advertising for the studio/gallery.  Initially, and hopefully, we plan to have an opening night for family and friends on Friday 30th November from 7 to 9pm.  I hope to get this sorted ASAP as the sooner the better! Poor Hernán, who`s very busy with his own work, is trying to make me a webpage... I will post a link when it`s up and running.

 Anybody who is local and interested in any of my work shown here and not for sale in Johnstreet Gallery, can get in touch via email to arrange a private viewing if they wish.  I`m toying with the idea of selling online, but only with Paypal, a whole lot safer! but I need to speak to my accountant, etc. to make sure that it`s all legal, etc.  I`ve lots more to do, but we`re definitely getting there...

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