19 Nov 2012

website is ago!

Hi everybody! just to let you know that my website is now live.  My husband has done it through wordpress, and we are still trying to figure stuff out.  I wanted him to keep it simple so that the artwork stands out.  I`m pretty pleased so far, although I`d like to change the format on the albums, but we`ll see........
Anyway, here`s the link: www.judithloganart.com

Also wanted to say that the opening night for The Black Sheep Gallery will now be either the 18th or 25th January 2013, as opposed to the 30th November 2012, but there`ll be more info closer to the date. Too many things happening close to Christmas, and once you get into December, it gets complicated!  Hernán is really busy at the moment and while I would have loved an opening night before Christmas for obvious reasons, it`s not gonna happen. On a more positive note, people will maybe come because January can be a pretty dull month and it will be somewhere to go, something to do!? It`s also good because it will give me more time to finish painting some furniture, finish off more artwork I`ve been doing and a Christmas themed painting I`ve been asked to do for a church event in town called The Bethlehem Experience.  I`ll let you know about that closer to the date, sometime around the 12th of December if memory serves......

Tomorrow, my eldest will be 8 years old!!! I can still remember the day he was born as if it were yesterday! like most mums, I suppose! His birthday is especially clear in my head, because he came 7 weeks early and was in neonatal care for a while, but he`s as fit as a fiddle now and I need to remember that everyday and be thankful, even when he wipes his nose with his sleeve, continually knocks the knees out of all of his trousers, leaves tiny pieces of Lego all over the place for Annabelle to find...... what does it matter as long as he`s here and well? Happy birthday Gabriel!  ¡Feliz cumpleaños! 


  1. Anonymous15:08

    Wow, love your site !!
    It looks so professional. Does your husband do this for his job ?

  2. Anonymous15:10

    Amazing website Judith, well designed.