24 Apr 2013

new work

As per usual, I`ve got a few things on the go (or juggle!?) at the same time.  Really enjoying these, when I`m able to actually work at them, which is normally after 8 or 9pm at night!  Sometimes the sofa and an Ovaltine wins, (I`ve started to drink the stuff again... it so reminds me of my granny...) but usually the call of the studio beckons and I follow.  My German Shepherd, Guinness, has been my late-night painting partner at the moment.  His favourite place is on top of my feet at the foot of the easel, so I`m praying there are no stray hairs stuck to those oils!!!?

This one pays tribute to a favourite childhood doll, Holly Hobbie. (Remember her?)

Holly`s Hens
coloured pencil and collage with hand embroidery on A3 Khadi paper

Eight Maids-a-milking III
oils on prepared board
83 x 30 cms
Some of you will realise I`ve had this thing about milkmaids and cows recently! Time for another muse, for a while anyway!

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