4 May 2013

Here comes the bride!

Latest oil painting finished......

The top photo was taken by my husband but the rest were taken by me with my phone in dodgy light, so please excuse the bad photo quality in those.....
Anyway, tried to take several pics so you can see the patterns and details around the sides, (I`m a bit of a fan of doing this!) So if you want to, this can be hung as it is, which I kind of like.... It was painted on top of an old oil painting which I just couldn`t grow to love, so you can see a lot of the texture from that in her dress - not sure if I`m entirely happy with that, but I decided to keep it pure and simple, so that the background colours and patterns (and the roses) would hopefully stand out.

Maybe make a nice wedding gift?? 

 The Bride
oils on box canvas
20 x 50 cms, with a 4cm deep edge

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