14 May 2013

Love Stands Forever!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I did the cover artwork for singer/songwriter Nathan Jess `new album, Love Stands Forever.  So glad to be able to show you the CD cover now that it`s been officially released. 
For now, photowise I`ve just got this screen shot, but hopefully I might be able to get a CD and show the inside and back as well, later on.  The birds at the top were done separately so the graphc designer could paste them wherever, but I think it works quite well......

Here`s the offical video of one of his songs. It`s beautiful and I`m so chuffed with how they`ve used my clouds and birdies here too.  I think it really brings the whole thing together, loving it! Sit back and enjoy!

His website is being updated, so here`s a link to his facebook page in the meantime:

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