3 Jun 2013

Love Stands Forever CD booklet

Nathan Jess launched his album, Love Stands Forever, officially on Wednesday night in Belfast, at The Ulster Temple.  I am so glad that Hernán and I were both able to go.  We very rarely get out at night, I mean together!  It was a really good night, great songs, and fantastic to see my artwork proudly displayed in a big banner by the door, and we both got a chance to speak to some representatives of Integrity Music!  Actually, quite humbling....

Here are some pics that Hernan took of the booklet. I love the way the talented graphic designers working with Nathan Jess were able to use the drawings in some of the videos for the songs.  As one friend put it, it really brings my artwork to life!!

 All artwork (and even painted furniture props, done by me! Even an old easel and my lovely blue enamel kettle managed to get in there!  Think it looks pretty good....

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