9 Sep 2013

copyright: stolen or mistaken identity?

Back to cyber space and the land of the living, after a lovely family holiday, slightly tainted somewhat by headlice and impetego, and then the timely demise of my washing machine and the chaos of back to school papers to sign, books to back, clothes to label, etc, etc....

only to discover, apparently,

that someone is possibly copying my artwork and selling it in a stand at Victoria Square,  Belfast!!!!
I have no proof, since the person who told my husband says he knows my work well from facebook, and thought he saw my black and white work in a stand there 6 months to a year ago!
OK, so it`s a bit vague and quite a while back, but I am upset and the nerves have been touched so, while I can do very little about it at the moment and need to clarify what it is he saw exactly, I am just posting this in case any of you local readers have spotted anything fishy....
Neither of the two galleries who show my work in the vicinity have ever had a stand there and neither have I.  (Although, now might be a good time to get my ass into gear and have one, fee depending).

So, please, please, spare a thought for us artists, who try to make a living from any little bit of talent that God has given us, only to have it stolen from under our noses, by unscrupulous, lazy so-and-sos.  Advertising on social media is apparently a necessary evil these days. I say evil because while it gives us the exposure we need, it unfortunately opens the door for thieving buggers who can`t think nor create for themselves.

My style found me, I didn`t set out to find it, and it`s constantly evolving, but perhaps as I read in a blog post by artist Jackie Simmonds recently, having a unique style is not as good as it might appear.  Mike Bernard`s work has been copied by another artist too, no names given, but have my suspicions....

Let`s not confuse inspiration with downright lack of manners!

If you see something that has obviously been copied from this style,  (see image below) please let me know. Any artists that I know who have uncovered a copycat have usually done so with the help of a friend or fellow artist who spotted something.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, although fingers crossed, it`s just a case of mistaken identity, as opposed to a stolen one!

the herd, part 2

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