19 Mar 2015

First Solo Show getting closer..

Just a wee post to let you know that I have my first solo show coming up at the beginning of April!! 

Gallery 1608 Bushmills
4th to 18th April 2015

(It has been pretty consuming getting everything ready, especially trying to balance things with family life that involves young kids, and one of them hasn`t been that well lately....Getting tests done soon to find out if my suspicions about Coeliac disease will be confirmed...My mum is coeliac, has been for as long as I can remember, and apparently, there`s a gene...)

Anyway, I am pretty much there, but looks like there might be a bit of a last minute rush, just to get the last hand pulled (literally, because I`m using the wooden spoon burnishing method still, since I haven`t gotten a press yet) lino prints done, signed, numbererd, etc, and dried in time for them to be mounted and a few of them framed. 

I will be showing new watercolours, a series of 5 (maybe 6!!! if I can find more hours in the day!?) lino prints done in a varied edition, which means the same print is available in different colours, as well as a collection of other paintings,  (oils, watercolours, artist prints and mixed media) most of which have been completed in the last year and a few have never been exhibited in the north of Ireland yet.

I decided to call my show Interlude, because I want my work to give the viewer a bit of breathing space, a time to just be still, quiet.  The world is a noisy enough place.  At least that is my intention, but hopefully the work will speak for itself...........

Here is one of the pieces I will be showing:

Mary and Jim sat here
watercolours and acrylic ink on paper

Do you ever notice the names engraved on some park benches? Ever wondered about those people that sat there? This is my homage to them and their faithful love to each other. Maybe next time you sit down on a park bench, take a look and see if someone`s name is written on it and think about what their lives might have been like, what they did, and why someone took the time to engrave their memory into a seat in a park. It`s actually quite humbling.

lino print

The Gossip
lino print

And here are a a few of my lino prints.  Please excuse the poor quality iphone photos, but I have yet to get my other half at Hfphotography to take proper photos of them.  These are Pocahontas and The  Gossip, and both will be available in red, Indian red (as in The Gossip print above), black and bluegrey. They are all oil based inks, either Caligo or from Lawrence Art Supplies, and are all hand done from start to finish, printed by hand on BFK Rives 250gms white printmaking paper.   

So, I hope to see some of you there, but for now, it`s back to the studio and down to the wire......


  1. I really hope your show goes well. You really do deserve great success. I do wonder about the names on benches. The story behind the names. What a fascinating idea for inspiration!

  2. Love the couple on the bench! Hope the show goes well... And the tests too!