2 Apr 2015

The small print(s)

Finally, I got round to finishing my series of 4 lino prints (all 150 of them, in total), and I have the arm muscles to prove it, since I had to use the wooden spoon method.  One day, I would love to own a printing press, but for now the spoon prevails. All those years lifting weights and toddlers have not been wasted. 

Post edit: There was another one in this series of a mermaid, but I've since got rid of it. I knew in my spirit that there was something about it not quite right, and it had to go. 

I even have 5 finished collagraph plates, lying waiting patiently in a drawer, some of them from 2 years ago or more.   In vain, I have tried to print them successfully without a press....but the intaglio method, it seems, requires an etching press. So, if any of you are in the know, please do leave a comment. I have looked endlessly on Google and priced around, but it is a big investment, so I want to make it wisely and I will see how these relief prints go first.  

These have all been made using, I think they call it, softcut, from again, I think, Lawrence Art Supplies, or maybe it was Jackson`s.  This close to my solo show, which opens on Saturday and the kids all off school for what seems is going to be a very wet Easter, have turned my brain to mush. 

Here`s the link by the way, to my solo show: http://www.gallery1608.co.uk/gallery/?aid=229 

The paper is BFK Rives, which I love, but I am going to try some Somerset more, too... and the inks are either Caligo Safe Wash or Lawrence`s own, but both are oil-based, which I have to say I prefer to water based, even if clean-up is a tad messier.  I am not a seasoned relief printmaker, by any means, but I really like Lawrence`s oil-based inks, a bit cheaper than other perhaps more well known brands, but every bit as good in my humble opinion. Maybe one of them will read this blog and send me a free sample pack of inks.......or maybe not.......

Here is the motley crew....

Like a Fish out of Water
  Hand-pulled lino print
Greyblue oil-based ink on BFK Rives printmaking paper
(also available in black)
Edition of 30

Hand-pulled lino print
Red oil-based ink on BFK Rives printmaking paper
(also available in black, Indian red and greyblue)
Edition of 40

Hand-pulled lino print
Black oil-based ink on BFK Rives printmaking paper
(also available in red, Indian red and greyblue)
Edition of 40

The Gossip
Hand-pulled lino print
Indian Red oil based-ink on BFK Rives printmaking paper
(also available in black, red and greyblue)
Edition of 40

Once we get the show on the road, I will be taking a few days break from the old easel/art table, and then it will be back to the grind, finishing off paintings for other exhibitions, etc, and I  will be putting these lino prints on what will hopefully be my new Etsy shop. So stay tuned! I think I have now got the printmaking bug, so I will definitely be trying to fit in more around my paintings, and hopefully the 2 will "feed off" each other.  Now, I need a cup of mint tea........... Bon soir! xx


  1. These are so DEAR and very cool!!!!

  2. Those small prints are really gorgeous! You have a unique sense of style, yet classy and elegant at the same time. I'm sure those will be great hits on your Etsy shop. Thanks for sharing that, Judith! Stay motivated, as always. Cheers!

    Ann Boone @ Apex Business Team

  3. Wow! Those small prints are so lovely! I'm pretty sure that those paper stamps will be sold instantly. They are beautiful and seem to hold a lot of meaning, after all. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Judith! More power to you!

    Tom Hall @ WCS Solutions