10 Jun 2015

Please come and visit my online shop!

Thought I`d plug my Etsy shop a little. I opened it about a month and a half ago, and had my first sale of two lino prints to Washington State, USA! Fingers crossed they get there ok...The post office always says 5 days, but I think that`s wishful thinking? Still, when you consider how nowadays we can send, buy and sell things all over the world, it`s pretty awesome!!

My Etsy shop is primarily for my art cards, giclée prints (fancy French word for lightfast, fade resistant, archival, digital reproductions of my original paintings and drawings), my original artist prints (so far, monoprints and linocut prints) and some smaller original artworks. Here`s a wee taster of some of my offerings:

Unfortunately, the would-be buyer for The Bride, below, couldn`t finish the sale, so it`s still up for grabs, and I think it would make a lovely wedding present, and we are entering the favourite season for tying the knot! But an anniversary would also be good, or maybe just because....as good a reason as any, sometimes.

The Bride, oils on canvas,
20 x 50 cms 

These 2 are from a wee while back, and are at a very reasonable price, and are done on beautiful Khadi paper: a work of art in itself!

mixed media and hand stitching on Khadi paper
Image: 20 x 20cms

Tree With Stripes
mixed media and collage on Khadi paper
20 x 20 cms

There are many more, so please have a browse by clicking on the link to the right, that says Etsy, or here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JudithLoganART

And remember, I offer worldwide shipping, and service with a smile!  


  1. Thanks for sharing all these! VERY PRETTY!!!!

  2. Yay!!! Your shop is open! You did it! I've visited and it looks great. I think your art cards will fly as your work us so suited to that format. I love your bride painting too.