6 May 2015

News in Brief...

Keep getting behind in my social updates.......but I always get there in the end, usually, anyway...

So, just a little news in brief for anyone who`s interested, (or just wants a few minutes respite from the pre-Election mania).

The UKCPS International Open Exhibition is now underway. The private view was tonight, but please check out the society`s website or The Menier Gallery´s, hosting this year`s show in London.  I really wish I could have been there in the flesh to catch up with some new friends and acquaintances I met in Birmingham last year, but sadly it wasn`t to be.  Glad at least, though, that one of my coloured pencil pieces, Rose And The Magpie, did make it.  Some giclée prints and art cards of my other works in the same medium are also available there. So, if any of you live in London, or will be in the area within the next couple of weeks, please go and have a wee visit.



Rose and the Magpie, is now at this year`s UKCPS Open International Exhibition,
The Menier Gallery, London

And finally, I got around to setting up my new Etsy Shop. The whole Etsy experience is pretty amazing, but what a lot of work setting it up: sorting out listings, photos, and worst of all, postage prices: the bane of any small-business owner!! A few nights staying up until the wee small hours of the morning was called for, (not much new there, then!) But I am hopeful it will be worth it, although it may take some time, and work, like other social media sites I suppose, to generate traffic, etc. With all of these things being juggled around, it`s difficult, at times nigh impossible, to actually MAKE new artwork! I know I`m not alone thinking/feeling that, but I suspect I may as well get used to it, and try to find a balance in the chaos, like the rest of you ;)

Here`s the link to my shop, and please do drop by often or follow me to see new listings as I post them. I will be selling mainly giclée prints, art cards, original artist prints (so far, only linocut prints) and a few small originals.  And if Royal Mail stays on my side, I aim to post all over the world.

One of my listings in my Etsy shop for ANY 4 art cards (you choose) for £10.00 plus P&P

Bon soir! Judith x


  1. rose and her magpie are beautiful! Wish you every success with your etsy shop. I began to set one up but then put it on hold as the prospect of filling a shop with things and pricing them terrified me!! ;)

  2. Lisa15:27

    Good work !!

  3. Etsy should help you a great deal, especially in the online presence aspect; given the higher social profile that the site has now, and the huge following it has. While the initial setup could be quite a handful, you’ll find that after things have settled, it’ll be easier to add more things as you get on making new products and artwork. Anyway, good luck with your future endeavors, and have fun with Etsy!

    Mildred Stephens @ Reputation Local

  4. Hi Judith, I found your blog via Derek Jone's blog. Your work is lovely. I too am on Etsy and I really like it. Once you get the hang of it, it goes quickly when you add listings and such. Now that you are set up, the hard part is done. Congratulations and I wish you success.

    Sending you greetings and a follow from Wichita, Kansas USA

  5. I forgot to mention I really really love your work!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I made my first sale last week to Washington State, USA. I hope there will be more to follow. I am still very much learning the ropes, but am pretty impressed with the whole Etsy setup. Have to stop myself from wanting to buy all these other lovely things I see on there, though!!