21 Aug 2015

Jackson`s art competition

A short blog post tonight: my piece "Swan" got shortlisted for an acrylic painting competition with renowned British Art Supplies company, Jackson`s.  I am pretty pleased, since it was literally a last minute entry because I only found out about the competition on Twitter, where I  just opened an account a few days ago and am still learning the ropes.  If you`d like to follow me there, my user name is JudithLArt, by the way.

Anyway, here is the link to the online voting for The People`s Choice Awards.  It is only through Facebook, so that people can only vote once (but for as many pieces as you like) to therefore ensure against cheating apparently.  
If you like mine, I`d really appreciate a wee vote.  Goodnight and sweet dreams, Judith x



  1. I'm not on facebook, if I was I would vote! I LOVE this Judith!!!!

  2. This creation is beautiful - I too can't vote (not on FB), but love this piece!

  3. I had googled monoprinting to understand how it is done. I came across your series of women prints and really like them. I only found you this week or I would have voted for you on FB.