19 Aug 2015

tweet, tweet, short and sweet

Ok, like I really need another social site to eat away at my precious time......but I have finally given in to peer pressure and opened a Twitter account. As I am a very open person, I have no qualms in revealing that I have very little clue about how to use it, and wish that I didn`t need to.  But as a self-employed artist in the big bad world out there, I now feel I can hardly afford not to.

(I will just try to ignore the tweets about what so-and-so had for dinner last night, who they are with now, etc and hope that it helps give my art good exposure and me to meet likeminded individuals albeit in a virtual manner).

Should you care to follow me there, my user name is JudithLArt

Oh, and before I forget, I am offering 15% off across my entire Etsy shop until August 30th!! Just type LEAVES in at checkout.  And thanks to Folt Bolt for another plug posting my work on her Facebook page today. Please have a nosey if you feel so inclined and have a monent to spare. She showcases an amazing array of colorful artworks and crafts from all around the globe and it is amazing to be included.


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  1. Judith... I am on Twitter for exactly the same reason and I haven't a clue what is going on most of the time! I'll look for you. I've just joined Instagram too.