20 Sep 2011

still life in oils

 the red jug
oils on gessoed board
 43 x 57 cm


This is my first still life in oils.  Initially, this was going to be just about the flowers. Painted over a year ago, I can`t even remember what kind of flowers they were, if they were lupins or hyacinths or..... Anyway, it wasn`t working out, and so  after a lot of frustration and about to bin it altogether, I decided to move a few things around and add some other objects.  Shirley Trevena was an influence in this piece.  I love all her watercolours. Her use of compostion and colour and her ability as a draughtswoman are amazing.  In her books, she talks about not necessarily sticking to a still life set- up just because that`s how you arranged it.  If it doesn`t work, don`t put it in!  So, I didn`t, I tried to keep strong diagonals in the compostion, and in the end, for me, the red jug became the focal point, hence the title.


  1. Richard Coles15:18

    This is an amazing piece of art Judith.
    Very impressive.
    Keep the good work.

    Richard Coles

    Monaco Art Centre Director

  2. Jasmin15:35

    Gorgeous Oil. This would look perfect in any room.
    I just love it.


  3. thank you for your kind and constructive comments. I will take them on board.

  4. Xavier00:25

    This has to be my personal favourite !!


  5. David00:28

    Great collection. I also love your oil work.
    As an experienced Blogger , yours is amazing if you just started, very well designed blogged.

    David Scott


  6. Phillip00:33

    I would buy all your oils. They are just gorgeous !!

    Phillip Houston

    New York, USA

  7. Phillip00:40

    Phillip again ...

    The new trend ( in order to protect your work's copy right ) is not to post your sketchbook work.

    Most artists are taking this option.

    If anyone sees it and wants to copy it , you are giving away a paint that is/was yours!!



  8. Lizzie00:48

    Very true. This will protect your work and future work's copy right.

    Lizzie Thompson

  9. Rachael Baker01:24

    Unfortunately , I have to agree. This happened to me last year.
    Someone copy one of my sketchbook work that I had blogged.
    Lawyer told me that my painted work is copy right protected on a blog ,
    But sketchbook work shown on a blog isn't , and anyone can copy it , make it a painting before you do it !!

    As a result I had to delete all my sketches from the blog.
    But better safe than sorry !!

    By the way , your work is stunning !!

    Rachael Baker

  10. Joan02:04

    Same problem here. Better to delete your sketchbook work. The law sucks, but untill it changes , better to delete.



  11. Thanks everybody for telling me about the sketchbooks. I had no idea! Some people are unbelievable, can`t they just do their own art instead of stealing from others!? I`ve just deleted the sketchbook entries.
    To David, you can thank my husband for the blog, I just uploaded everything, but he made it possible. I`m generally useless at that type of thing, but I`m learning!