20 Sep 2011

and so to bed

and so to bed
87 x 76 cm
acrylic and liquid gold leaf on gessoed board


Painted while I was pregnant with Annabelle. (Must post sketches of her some day, my latest muse, she`s so cute!)  In this piece, I experimented for the first time with acrylic texture mediums, and liquid gold leaf. Layers and ridges of paint from an old painting underneath can still be seen in places.  I thought it apt to end on this one, since it`s 2 am and I`m exhausted!  But the blog`s up and running (thanks to my hubby) and I`ve uploaded loads of images.  I would have preferred to have been able to separate my two styles (probably a marketing nightmare) and I should have posted everything in a more chronologically coherent manner, but I`m a technological disaster, so if I ever get round to doing a web page, someone else is doing it.  So, now I will endeavour to post images once every couple of weeks or so.  (Remember, I`ve got 3 kids and one is a baby), and it`s 2am and I`m still breastfeeding, and I must be crazy!!

¡¡A la cama, ahora!!

And so to bed........


  1. Jenny00:30

    Beautiful .....

    Jenny Wallace

  2. Javiera00:41

    This painting is full of passion.
    Excellent work.

    Javiera Montecinos


  3. Donatella01:37

    Pittura sorprendente.

    Love from Italy

  4. Anonymous06:52

    Hermosas tus pinturas!!

    Keep using your talent!!

    Love from USA


  5. I love this painting, you can obviously turn your hand to lots of different styles. Look forward to popping in on you again soon. Welcome to blog land, be prepared to waste a lot of time!!! Jane x

  6. thanks everybody! To Jane, yep, the style thing, this could be a big marketing problem! When I paint from life, particularly in oils, my work tends to be kind of impressionistic, painterly. Actually, the abstracty style developed first. I studied and worked in languages for quite a while and art was left on the back burner. I`ve always sketched from life, but never painted from life until a few years ago and the confidence levels were pretty low. Just starting to build them up.... Anyway, enough waffle, this blog thing is so weird to me, like texting and all that. sometimes I think I was born in the wrong generation! Well I will definitely be checking in on your work. It`s very unique. What children`s books have you illustrated? I`d love to get some for my kids!

  7. PS, I know what you mean about the waste of time (and I don`t have much to waste,let`s say). Apparently, blog land is full of people who obviously have nothing else to do but waste their time, but it`s so nice to come across great blogs like yours, Jane. Keep up the good work!

  8. Your painting is beautiful. I love the rich colours! Cx

  9. Judith, me gustan mucho tu pinturas. Felicitaciones y suerte con la crianza!!!