20 Sep 2011


Slemish landscape
acrylics on box canvas
12 x 12 inches 
(38mm edge)

This is my latest semi-abstract painting. I actually painted the first layer towards the end of my pregnancy, 6 months ago, but it got put on hold, and rightly so!
Slemish is very small in comparison to the Andes, but it`s the closest I can get round here! Apparently a dormant volcano,  it`s very important in Irish folklore, where St. Patrick is said to have watched over flocks of sheep.  Since coming back to live here, I haven`t been back up to the top.  Hernán has though, and has got some nice shots. (He`s a professional photographer.)  Although not a high mountain on any account, the climb up is very steep, and a little dangerous for the boys, well for my 4 year old anyway!  I sketch it quite a bit and used some of these studies for this piece. 

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