3 Oct 2011

sketches of the latest addition!

Last week was sick week in our house! (always the same when they go back to school, but looks like we`re all on the mend; at least Gabriel and Annabelle escaped the dreaded bug! My poor Adriano was the worst hit, but he`s much better now, bless him! Anyway, just thought I`d let you see some quick sketches of Annabelle: the main reason why I haven`t been doing much painting lately (that and her 2 brothers! and the fact that the studio isn`t finished yet. ) It`s definitely drier and warmer than before, so fingers crossed! It will be amazing to have such a big space to work in all to myself, (when they let me go there!! )  I`m working on a few smaller things at the moment, since I can`t take over the kitchen completely!  I will try to post a few pochade paintings this week and the other pieces as soon as I get them finished.  I hope she`ll sleep as sound as this tonight, because if the last few nights are anything to go by........Sweet dreams!

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