12 Nov 2011

Black and white again!

encounter at magpie farm

 the chewing of the cud


the folks on the hill

pen and ink drawings on smooth watercolour paper
10 x 7 inches each

Here`s the latest lot of pen and ink drawings in my "illustration-like" style or whatever you want to call it!  I`m not as pleased with these ones, especially the last (am I ever!?) - could be due to weary eyes! (The black and white rendering like this takes its toll, believe it or not!) Anyway, these are also for Johnstreet Gallery, Ballymena.  I now need to get back to some other stuff I`d been working on.  It`s been fun, (except for the time my hand slipped when I`d nearly finished one and I had to start all over again!!) and the black and white certainly makes a statement, but for now I need to get out the paints or the coloured pencils or pastels - I need a little colour again! (But I think I`ll squeeze in a few more of these when I get the time!!?)


  1. Jennifer08:20

    Your work is breathtaking ....

  2. Claire02:37

    Marvellous work Judith.
    I heard the interview on BBC and inmediatly looked at your blog.

    You have an amazing talent.

  3. thanks very much! please drop by again to keep an eye on new work. Judith