8 Nov 2011

The herd is gathering!

the herd 
pen and ink drawings on smooth watercolour paper
10 x 7 inches


Just finished these pen and ink drawings for Johnstreet Gallery in Ballymena!  They are individual pieces, but I think they look better as a set, as in the last picture; sorry, they`re a bit too close together in that one, but once they`re mounted and framed they should look much better.  This is the order I did them in, but really they could be hung up in whatever order you fancy.
To be honest, I really didn`t want to do these since I`m in the middle of other art "stuff" right now, and sometimes I`d prefer to be drawing or painting more from life, especially when the weather has finally been a bit nicer! But once I got going, I actually started to enjoy doing them, except for the sore eyes!!

Anyway, it`s been a while since I did my first ink drawings in this style and it took me a few hours and a few sheets of paper to limber up.  I took out my sketchbooks for some inspiration and decided on trying out some cows based on my many sketches. People always think I can do these mega quick and that they`re very easy.  Obviously they`re not anywhere near as time consuming as working in pencil or glazing with  paint, but if you make a mistake you have to think, "can I "correct" this?" which means changing something or scrap it altogether!  That`s why there are two cows in the middle one, but that was a happy accident, because I think it improved it!  Hope you agree?!  Off to start another set......

Editing post: this set has now been sold.

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