3 Nov 2011

Hush little baby....

hush little baby
21 x 26 cm
coloured pencil on heavyweight cartridge paper

Finally, a new post!  Life has been so hectic lately, and I just can`t find the time to do all the things I need to do, never mind those that I want to do!  I just want to enjoy this stage of motherhood while I can; it goes by so quickly....Gabriel will be 7 in a few weeks and it seems like yesterday when I was still breastfeeding him!!  I think I`m very conscious that Annabelle is my last child and want to savour the moment.... and also probably while I`ve finally got round to starting this "series" on motherhood, an idea that has always been rambling around in my head since my eldest was born, even when I was busy teaching and hadn`t really done any painting or drawing for years. 

I used Derwent Coloursoft pencils, (I love them) since I wanted to capture a soft effect that befits the subject, but the layering takes forever!!!  Does anyone else out there also believe that the medium is seriously underrated in the art world??  Anyway, it`s obviously based on me and Annabelle, but I hope other mums can relate to the mood in the picture.  I`ve tried to capture that special bond between mother and child, that mix of adoration, exhaustion, just glad to be sitting down, I`m so tired look, that is part and parcel of that most amazing blessing which is motherhood.

By the way, I`m very excited and happy to announce that Johnstreet Gallery, a new art gallery in Ballymena will be exhibiting some of my work.  Hopefully, they will open mid- November.  I`ll keep you informed!


  1. Giannina06:01

    Congratulations Judith. Would love to live in NI and see your amazing work !!

    How long take you to do this amazing work ?

  2. Thanks Giannina! It took me about a week or so, but then I only get an hour or two here and there, since I`m also a full-time mum of 3! I think I spend nearly half my time looking and thinking about about what I`m gonna do!! (colours, patterns, etc.) Plus, I worked up lots of light layers and that`s very time consuming. I love coloured pencil, but I`m really a novice at the medium, at least for finished works as opposed to sketches. I`ve a lot of learning still to do!

  3. This is beautiful :)