23 May 2012

Extra hanging space at Montgomery`s!

Just found out yesterday that Johnstreet Gallery in Ballymena has secured, at least for the time being anyway, extra hanging space in the prestigious cafĂ©-restaurant/furniture store Montgomery`s, which sadly closed some months ago, but is now set to reopen today!  If you`re in the Ballymena area or just walking down Ballymoney Street, why not pop in and have a peek.  Some of my work will be displayed there, and you never know, you might just see something you fancy, ( or even just for a wee nosey!!) I`ve a big painting ready for them, but just finishing the second coat of varnish, so it should be there tomorrow.  Will hopefully get a photo of it posted later today.  Judith x

Above, is an image I posted from their website; I tried to post a link to it here, but it wouldn`t work.  You can look it up yourselves if you`re interested (maybe they`re updating it?)

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